Annette ter Haar foto Annette ter Haar (1967) was born and raised in Den Helder, the navy town up North. She came to Leiden to study museology and took courses in psychology, Hebrew and international law. One of her favourite walks follows the ‘Mare’, a small and sometimes hidden creek that used to connect to the Rhine River at the Burcht. The Mare links two great historical inhabitants of Leiden: Floris Verster, a painter that lived in Groenoord and Herman Boerhaave, a 17th century physician and professor, who lived at Poelgeest. Annette is married to an enthusiastic engineer. Together they visit mines, metrosystems and industrial zones all over the world. Rotterdam has been the centre of her professional life for the past 20 years. She worked in infrastructure, then in architecture and now in innovation. She is currently active as an expert on education at Het Nieuwe Instituut. In Leiden, she is engaged in bridging the gap between the creative and knowledge industries. She is the initiator of ScienceOnline Leiden and she is an active participant in Stadslab.