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Simone Simone

Simone Pekelsma (1984) was born and raised in Leiden. She went to the same highschool the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn once attended. Between 2003 and 2013, Simone explored living, studying and working in a wide range of other cities, including Maastricht, Brussels and Istanbul, but in the end she decided to go back to […]

Annette Annette

Annette ter Haar (1967) was born and raised in Den Helder, the navy town up North. She came to Leiden to study museology and took courses in psychology, Hebrew and international law. One of her favourite walks follows the ‘Mare’, a small and sometimes hidden creek that used to connect to the Rhine River at […]

About About

  Get Local Leiden invites you to discover Leiden the way we experience it on a daily basis. Let us introduce you to the hidden wonders and exciting secrets of this beautiful old town. Our custom made tours enable you to perceive the city on a very personal level.  Get to know people and places that will […]